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The Great Gatsby- A Must See!


I had been waiting to see this movie for nearly a year and I finally got the chance to see it a few days ago.  After one time watching it, I will dare to say that The Great Gatsby has the potential to be one of my favorite movies.  Honestly, it may sound cheesy, but it was everything I expected and more, so I have to give a lot of kudos to the cast and crew for putting this film together.  If you liked the book, then you’ll love the movie, but, if you’re simply a sucker for men in love or the 1920s, then this movie is right up your alley as well.  I highly recommend Baz’s latest to anyone!


The Best at the MTV Movie Awards


Selena GomezIt might not be the most critically acclaimed or the most glamorous award show around, but the MTV Movie Awards, which aired last night, certainly gives the young stars an excuse to strut their stuff on the red carpet.  Although I was excited to see Selena Gomez’s performance and Rebel Wilson didn’t do a bad job as hostess, I had my eye on the fashion to scope out who wore my favorite looks of the night.  I’m usually really excited for the looks at MTV shows because the relaxed, youthful vibe allows for riskier outfits that tend to be more fun.  I will say that many of the celebs last night took on a more conservative approach to their outfits, but there were a few who made sure to stand out.

My best dressed of the night goes to none other than Ms. Selena Gomez.  She’s recently been embracing the fact that she’s growing up and has been letting everyone know that she is no longer the cute Disney princess from years before.  She rocked a glittery gold long-sleeved dress with a short hem.  The metallic fringe and the short hem line brought in a sassier taste to Selena’s look, while the long sleeves and nude fabric held on to the classic style that she’s known for.  I know there were some mixed reviews about her hair, but I was a big fan of the rocker-chic braid.  Plus, the subtle make-up and heels adds a little extra something without overpowering the starlet.

My number two spot goes to Brittany Snow.  Some people thought that her navy blue dress was a bit too formal for the MTV movie awards, but I think it was perfect for her.  Yes, she’s young, but she’s also matured in the last few years, so it’s only natural for her to go for a more sophisticated look.  The color mixed with the high neckline lets her keep her class, while the leg bearing hem, draping, and shoulder embellishments add a funky touch to her whole look.  I’m also a big supporter of her blonde bob paired with her smoky eyes.

I also liked the fashion choices that Greer Grammer, Zoe Saldana, Kim K, and Kylie Jenner made last night.  Greer reminded me of a trendy ballerina in her black and white dress that included a leather halter bodice.  Her high bun complimented everything perfectly.  I don’t think I would have chosen those heels, but I see where she was going with it and I can respect it.  Zoe got the casual memo of the MTV Movie Awards, but she didn’t sacrifice fashion either.  I loved the black sheer maxi shirt with floral embellishments and I think her red lipstick topped off the outfit perfectly.

As for the famous, fashion forward sisters, I’ll admit that I had to let Kim K’s ensemble marinate in my mind before deciding that I actually did like it.  I was a big fan of the body hugging bodice of the dress, while I also liked the batwing sleeves that, at first sight, I wasn’t so sure of.  I think that the gold necklace was a perfect touch and I liked that she kept her look simple.  Kylie Jenner did me proud by being chic and trendy all at the same time.  Her pencil skirt paired with a white crop top was adorable.  She topped it all off with a gold chunky necklace, which brought us back to the fun MTV Movie Awards.  Overall, congrats to the celebs who know how to rock a good outfit!

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Spring Breakers Official Trailer


The first official trailer for the film Spring Breakers has just been released and that’s very exciting news for me, since this movie has been on my must-see list for quite some time now.  The movie follows four college students who end up breaking a few rules in order to have an unforgettable spring break and it stars the likes of James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Selena Gomez… a diverse group of actors, but talented nonetheless.  Honestly, the cast is what got me hooked to the film and I’m particularly interested in seeing how Selena does in a more mature role.  Most people are used to seeing her on Disney or in family movies and Spring Breakers certainly doesn’t fall into that category; however, I think this role is a good fit for her.  She has to be able to grow up sometime and this could be the start of her transition into being viewed as a serious actress.  Hopefully, this movie will be a defining moment in her career in a positive way and I just can’t wait to see it, but, in the meantime, here’s the trailer to Spring Breakers in theaters this March.

The Dark Knight Rises… See it!


Ask me who my favorite superhero is and I will definitely not say Batman.  Although I’ve seen plenty of Batman movies, I have never looked at the masked vigilante as the best choice for number one superhero.  Among other reasons, my main motivations for seeing The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I know… I’m clearly not a big comic book fan.  Thus, in my eyes, the most recent Batman flick didn’t have too much in its favor, but I must say that it is probably my favorite movie of the summer so far.  Yes, The Dark Knight Rises was that good.

First off and most importantly, you have to give props to the casting director.  Of course, key characters that have been seen in the past Batman movies were kept consistent because there was no real need to change the actors.  Christian Bale is the Batman of this generation, while Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were perfect in their classic roles.  Moving on to the newer cast members, I don’t think I could picture anyone else as Catwoman besides Anne Hathaway.  Her character oozed sass, strength, and seduction with a hint of sensitivity.  Some may think that she over-acted her sex appeal, but it’s kind of hard to play down sexy when you’re running around in a skin-tight leather outfit.  Either way, Anne went hard!  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also stepped up his game as Blake, the young , “hot-headed” cop.  With a role like that it might have been easy to get shown up by the rest of the cast, but JGL definitely left a mark in this film.  As a big fan of his, you can bet I was pleased with his screen time.  His character was lovable, yet tough, and surely the symbol of hope throughout the whole plot.  I’m not trying to be bias, but I think Blake was my favorite character.

The biggest surprise, to me, came from Marion Cotillard.  It had completely slipped my mind that she was in The Dark Knight Rises, so I was happy to see her pop up.  She isn’t as present as some of the other cast members, but her character is one definitely worth including.  However, no superhero movie is complete without a good villain and Tom Hardy delivered that as Bane.  Yes, his face is mostly covered, but body language, eyes, and speech can say a lot about a person’s acting.  Let’s just say that he was so good that there plenty of times where I forgot Bane was a fictional character played by Mr. Hardy.  Overall, he was able to portray his sheer strength and ruthlessness, but still held on to some soft emotion that kept Bane from being completely flat.  Hats off to the cast!

Second, the storyline of the film is one definitely worth applauding.  The nearly three-hour length is intimidating, but, thanks to a good plot, you don’t even feel it.  From the start, you’re caught up in mystery and anticipation for what’s going to happen next.  Your brain is being worked the whole time, but in a very good way.  There are some very tender moments, some scenes that might give you anxiety, and some times that will leave you in utter surprise.  Of course, the story includes some good classic Batman moments and plenty of action for the boys, but, trust me, the girls will not hate it either.

Overall, the only con I could find to the movie is the need to watch The Dark Knight.  Although the plot tries to help keep the audience from being completely lost, there is still a lot of the prior movie that gets incorporated into this one.  Long story short, if you want to prevent any way of getting confused just watch The Dark Knight first.  Despite this one little thing, I definitely encourage everyone to see it.  I honestly liked it so much that I would watch it again in theaters… and I can’t wait for the next one!

MTV Mini Dresses!


Last night, MTV aired its annual Movie Awards where all of the youthful Hollywood stars get a chance to attend a “fun” awards show, notorious for its scandals and crude humor.  This year it was hosted by Russell Brand again, who poked fun at the hypocrisy of his jokes, and featured the stars of the latest teen movie phenomenons.  The show itself was a bit rocky, but what can you expect from a live MTV production?  Since the actual awards show was basically like the rest, I’ll get right to the red carpet, which was chock full of legs.  The best looks, in my opinion, were based around trendy mini dresses.  I couldn’t pick a favorite, but I definitely saw some outfits that I thought were worth noting.

First comes Kristen Stewart.  She was rocking her signature wavy hair to the side and smoky eye make up that, as usual, made her hazel eyes pop.  Her dress had a simple silhouette that was sexy and form-fitting, but still let her breath.  My favorite part of her dress had to be the bright colors on it.  The basic silver was shiny and eye-catching, but the purple and green design took it all to the next level.  The simple black heels were the perfect touch to let the dress be the star of the look.  Paris Hilton also earned an honorable mention in metallic.  She went for a monochromatic silver shift dress with an embellished hem and neckline.  Her blonde hair was pin straight and she kept the accessories simple.  The look was pretty structured and conservative, but it was definitely a nice balance with the funky, futuristic design of the dress.

To continue with the bright colors that Kristen teased us with, it’s only appropriate to talk about Emma Watson, Ellie Kemper, and Holland Roden.  Emma is known for her appreciation of fashion, so it was no surprise that she sported such a bold, fashion-forward mini.  The purple and blue against the black was gorgeous and the peplum accent gave the dress that 2012 feel.  I’ve got to say though that her shoes were probably my favorite part of her look.  They were simply perfect for her ensemble.  Ellie Kemper, on the other hand, kept it all so much sweeter and timeless.  The yellow against her brown hair looked beautiful, while the pink flowered pattern and three-quarter sleeves turned this dress into an adorable one that fits right in with Ellie’s personality.  The pink heels and green clutch brought everything together and paid a little homage to the sherbert trend of the season.  Then there was Holland Roden who jumped out of her supporting role on Teen Wolf into the turn heading lady in red.  The deep red over nude bodice was a great choice that made her stand out and emphasized all of her good traits.  The nude heels were the only way to go, so with that she got me to applaud her commendable fashion choices.

Jessica Biel is another starlet who got my seal of approval.  Her whole look reminded me of the ’60s with the long, wide sleeves, the super short hem, and the crisp white… not to mention her sleek hair.  I’ll admit that I didn’t love it at first, but, after a few minutes of staring at it, I decided that her look was much appreciated.  Plus, I can’t get mad at her for those shoes.  The white with a pop of green was a very pleasant surprise.

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The Great Gatsby Official Trailer


The official trailer for the new Baz Luhrmann movie, The Great Gatsby, is out and I am so excited for it.  Even though we all have to wait until December to watch the actual film, at least we have this trailer to hold us off until then.  Enjoy the trailer for The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan.