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Happy Birthday Drake!


If you’re anything like me, then you got your first glance of Aubrey (Drake) Graham on Degrassi as Jimmy Brooks.  You were shocked to see him get shot and end up in a wheelchair, but you were even more shocked to see his character, along with so many other core characters, slowly be taken off of the show.  However, it wasn’t long before Drake’s Comeback Season began playing in your ears (and, if you’re a true Drake fan, you know about Room for Improvement, too).  Soon enough, Drake was everywhere and So Far Gone was being nominated for a Grammy.  Flash forward a few years and Drake has released three more albums (working on another one now), has become one of the most popular rappers in the industry, and has clearly moved on from his Degrassi days.

Needless to say, I’ve been a big fan of Drake’s since early on in his career and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform live twice.  Both were great shows which is why I’d see him again, but my admiration for Drake isn’t solely because I watched him as Jimmy Brooks or because he makes “music for women.”  I appreciate Drake because, most times, I feel like his music is a reflection of my life and it is so relevant to what is happening in my life.  Whether he’s talking about the struggle and hunger to be successful in “Say What’s Real” or “Lust for Life” or if he’s venting about dealing with changes in his personal life in “The Motion,” “The Calm,” or “Hate Sleeping Alone,” each lyric is in some way relevant to me.  Even songs like “Look What You’ve Done” make me think about my own family, while his triumphant songs like “Trophies” and “We’ll Be Fine” remind me of all that I’ve accomplished.  And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Sometimes Drake gets a lot of heat for being light skinned and Canadian, but, in many ways, he is a strong and necessary voice of this generation.  At least the part of this generation that finds itself constantly caught within a dichotomy.  There aren’t too many artists, not just rappers, who don’t represent the reality of the situation enough, but Drake does that.  If he gets heat for it, then so be it because at the end of the day he’s still worth about $50 million, so he must be doing something right.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Drake!





Puerto Rican culture is a blend of Taíno, African, and Spanish influences.  Bomba is one of the traditional styles of music and dance in Puerto Rico, which originated from African culture that was brought over during slavery.  Today, Bomba is still prevalent throughout the island, particularly on the East coast and during cultural festivals.  Here is a taste of what Bomba is like.

Love Never Felt So Good- Michael Jackson


Five years ago today, the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away.  It was a sad moment for music fans everywhere who thought that would be the end of Michael’s legacy, that there would be nothing else to add, but we were wrong.  Even after his death, MJ has been able to hang on to world records, keep his title as the King of Pop, and give us new music that had never been released.  No, it’s not the same as if he were here alive and in the flesh, but having his music still playing through our speakers is still a good feeling.  Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!

MJ is Back for a Day


The lengths that technology has gotten to these days is incredible.  When Coachella brought Tupac back for a day, it was historic and now the Billboard Music Awards brought back the King of Pop to perform “Slave to the Rhythm.”  As a Michael Jackson fan, it saddens me to know that he’s gone, but it’s things like his music and technology that will allow his legacy to live on forever.  Regardless of how other Michael fans feel about, I love it!  Much respect to none other than Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Beyonce, Queen Bey, or however you refer to her dropped her secret visual album on iTunes just last week.  Like everyone else, I’ve been listening to her album pretty consistently, trying to fully digest it and develop a clear opinion on it.  But before I get to the music, I do want to point out how ingenious of a plan this was on her team’s part.  Trust me, I’m no Stan for Beyonce, but you have to admit 17 albums and 14 songs coming together to create an unannounced album that wasn’t leaked is one of the few ways to get even more people talking about a singer who is arguably the top R&B vocalist out right now.  That’s perfect marketing!  As for the music, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.  No, I’m not blasting every song on repeat every time I’m driving in my car, but the album as a whole does have a huge “repeat value” to it that makes you crave listening to it for long periods at a time.

Generally speaking, I appreciate the vibe that Bey is giving her fans on this piece of work.  For example, “Yonce” and “Partition” (what’s currently playing) bring us back to Beyonce’s trill roots that brought us songs like “Soldier” and “Freakum Dress.”  They encourage female listeners to be unashamed of their sensuality, while still hanging on to their power.  Furthermore, “Bow Down B!tches” and “Flawless” does promote female empowerment no matter what other critics are saying.  These songs aren’t meant for women to belittle other women, but instead for women to bring themselves up as individuals.  What woman doesn’t want to think of themselves as a flawless queen who knows they look good?  It’s not about bringing women down, it’s about having a high self-esteem and I’m digging it.

Mixed in with the raw Beyonce, the album also shows a woman in love, which is no surprise being that Bey is madly in love and it’s an R&B album.  With that love come romance, sex, and doubt, showing the different sides of love and relationships.  It’s real.  You see romance in “Superpowers” featuring Frank Ocean, sensuality in “Rocket,” and doubt in “Mine” featuring Drake, but they all emote the love that Beyonce has for her hubby Jay Z.  I definitely appreciate the R&B, old school tones found in the first two and I am a big fan of the modernity brought into “Mine.”  It helps break up the monotony that albums can easily fall into.

Overall, the album was perfectly titled Beyonce because there really is no other way to describe it.  People are multifaceted with different sides, different interests, and different inspirations.  I think Bey did a good job of showing each side in her album, while making it a cohesive piece.  I appreciate the emotion in “Heaven” with her miscarriage in mind, while also loving the forwardness of “Drunk in Love” inspired by her relationship.  It’s an album that her audience can relate to and it came at a time when her fans were fiending for more Beyonce.

If you haven’t heard any of her new songs yet, here’s “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay Z.  Enjoy!