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What you Attract In is What you Put Out


What you attract in is what you put out. I am a firm believer in this. Whatever you put out into the air is what will be returned to you. Whether it’s love, good vibes, happiness, or appreciation that is what you will attract into your life. On that same note, if you are hateful, greedy, rude, or negative, that is the same kind of energy you’ll bring into your own life. For me, I can sum it up by saying it’s all about karma. It boils down to being paid back in the same way that you pay the universe. If you give the universe positive energy, then it will give you positive energy in return. You get what you paid for.

If you don’t believe in karma, then think of it like a grade in school. If you do your homework, study, and go to class, then you’ll probably get a good grade. You put in the effort for that good grade, you earned it, so you got it. Thus, if you try to make the world more positive by contributing your own good vibes, then you’re probably going to get some of those nice vibes back. It’s the same thing if you give negative energy to the universe. It’s almost as if you’re exhausting the positive energy that’s already out there, so you might owe the world some good vibes and it ends up getting deducted for your positive energy paycheck.

This can manifest in many different ways. For example, if you’re a loving person, you may be blessed with a healthy, loving relationship. If you’re the type to appreciate your friends and help them, they’ll probably do the same for you. If you are generally a happy person, you’re more likely to have more good days than bad ones. But, if you’re rude, people aren’t going to want to be nice to you. If you’re greedy or selfish, then you probably won’t get much support from others. It’s all about what you put out that determines what you attract in.


It’s Been Real 2013!


Even though it may be hard to believe, today is indeed the last day of 2013.  Tonight the world will be welcoming a new year in the form of 2014, which they hope will be only better than the last 365 days of their lives.  Personally, I have little to no complaints about how my last year went.  Yes, there were some reals lows throughout the past 12 months and there is no doubt that there were many moments that I broke down in tears, was overwhelmed by stress, and burst out in anger.  However, these moments were greatly outnumbered by the accomplishments, the beauty, and the blessings that I experienced in 2013.  I graduated college, I dedicated more time to what’s important to me, I got some quality time with the real me, I created priceless memories, and I cherished every minute of it.  I realized that in the past it was hard for me to enjoy the present, pick out the positive in each situation, and focus on my own goals, but 2013 was different.  I feel like I grew so much as an individual and I can’t help but think that 2014 is only going to be a continuation of that positive growth for me.  I enjoyed every second of 2013, but I honestly can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer.  As the chapter of this year ends, I am welcoming the start of a new year with welcome arms.  Thanks for everything 2013, but now it’s time to give 2014 a chance to outdo you!

For my New Year’s resolution, I want to maintain a positive mentality, fighting off any negativity that can hinder my progress, while I also want to keep my life moving forward.  I don’t want to remain stagnant or stall out.  I don’t want to be content with anything.  I want to keep progressing without hesitating and without wanting to look back.  I want my optimism and my forward movement to maintain my personal happiness and increase my success, while also rubbing off onto those around me.I hope you all can look forward to the new year with a positive mindset, remembering that forward movement is the key to success.   You can only fight darkness with light, so always make sure to keep the light within yourself to assure that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.  2014 can be your year, if you believe it and work hard to make it so.  All in all, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  End 2013 on a positive note, so that 2014 will start off on a positive one as well!

Don’t Just Speak It, Do It!


Have you ever heard of the phrase “speak it into existence”?  I’m sure you have.  Basically, it’s a concept stating your words have the power to take something you say and manifest into a more tangible way in either a negative or positive way.  For example, if you say “I hope I don’t fail this test,” you’re already putting the possibility of failing the test into the air, making it more probable that you’ll fail the test.  At the same time, by saying “I will be successful,” that positive energy can help you be successful.  Honestly, I believe in this theory.  I do think that the words you say release different types of energies that can help or hinder your future.  That’s why I always try to stay as positive as possible.  I wasn’t always this way, but, as years have passed and as I’ve matured, I’ve learned that a little bit of optimism can go a long way.  I guess you can say I’ve become one of those people who always look at the bright side or is able to find a positive within any negative.  However, I also believe that a person needs to commit to more than just their words if they ever want to reach their goals.

Staying positive is the first step to achieving what you’re working for, but “working” is the other key point of getting things done in your life.  You have to put in your end of the work and carry your weight, so that the universe can do its job and feed off of your positive energy.  Think about it.  If you need to study for a final and you simply think to yourself how well you’re going to do on the exam, but you don’t actually do any studying, then how well can you really expect to do on that test?  My guess is you won’t do too hot, but it’s only because you didn’t hold up you’re end of the bargain.  If you believe that you’ll do well and you actually study as hard as you’re supposed to, then you’ll have no negative thoughts holding you back, while you have everything you need to know in your head already.  It’s as simple as that.

Thank God for an early graduation that I don’t have to worry about positive thoughts to get me through finals week anymore, but I do still hang on to my optimism to help get me further in life.  I have my own goals that I want to achieve and that I know I will achieve in due time.  I will say that from prior experience, life seems to have perfect timing.  Everything that I’ve worked for, up to this point, has never come too early or later than I needed it to, so I know that there are some good things in the works for me.  I just need to maintain a positive mindset to give the vibes around me something to work with, while grinding on my own and getting some dirty work done.  How else can I expect to ever accomplish my goals?  Besides, if you don’t have positive thoughts about yourself, then how could you expect others to believe you have what it takes to succeed?  Go ahead and say that you’ll accomplish all of your goals and realize your dreams, while you’re actually doing what you need to in order to get those things done.  People will have no choice to believe you when they see you’re actually doing what you said you would.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone reading this a very happy Thanksgiving.  It’s a special day of the year that celebrates everything you have to be thankful for.  It may be something as simple as being able to spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones, even if you fight and argue with the people closest to you.  Either way, I hope you spend your Thanksgiving with people you love and that you fill yourself with an immense amount of positive energy.  Take today to appreciate the little things as well as the bigger things.  Remember every detail that you may have forgotten that play a big part in your life today.  Think about the things you are fortunate enough to have and to experience.  If you’re list is short now, then focus on that short list and work toward making that list longer for next year.  This time of the year isn’t meant to make you feel like a failure or that you have nothing.  It is meant to make you realize the good things you do have.

Personally, I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I know I say this pretty much every year, but it’s true and I honestly believe that this has been my best year yet.  I graduated from college, I have created so many unforgettable memories, and the opportunities continue to come my way as I am already working on the projects that I’ve always wanted to focus on.  On top of that, the past year has brought me closer to the people I’ve always shared a special connection with, while also putting me in touch with individuals who were complete strangers this time last year.  I’ve created so many good relationships this year that it’s hard not to be thankful for them.  It’s hard to not be thankful for my family that has always been by my side and who I feel so blessed to have spent so much time with.  I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned and the ways that I’ve grown.  I’m thankful for the strong foundation I’ve created for 2014.  I’m thankful for the good life I live and the even better future I see right in front of me.  Life is good and I’m thankful for every single piece of it.

Happy Thanksgiving my loves!

Feel Happy, Not Guilty


Since when should feeling happy be followed by feeling guilty?  Why is it that so many people want to make others feel guilty for being happy?  Is this normal?  It’s common, but is it right?  It seems to me that selfish impulses will always blind a person’s vision to the point of destroying another one’s happiness, intentionally or unintentionally.  These impulses are what kill the joys and pleasures brought by happiness until the person who was once happy now feels guilty for having enjoyed something.  It’s a bad societal tendency and it shouldn’t have started in the first place.

If you do something that makes you happy, you should continue to do it (as long as it doesn’t have to do with purposely harming others for your own enjoyment of course).  You’ve been told to do so your whole life.  “Follow your heart.”  “Pursue your dreams.”  “Do whatever makes you happy.”  Your parents tell you this as you grow older, your teachers say it in school, and you tell yourself this whenever you’re in doubt.  But sometimes we’ll encounter situations where the people around us will do or say things to suggest that the actions you took to feeling happy were wrong.  You might feel guilty now, as if you didn’t deserve the temporary happy feeling inside.  However, who is to say that your actions were bad, wrong, or shameful?  Who is to say that you shouldn’t be happy?  No one can make you feel guilty for following your heart, pursuing your dreams, and doing what makes you happy.

If what makes you happy doesn’t feel wrong to you, then don’t feel ashamed about it and certainly don’t feel guilty about doing it.  What makes you happy should keep you happy, not make you feel bad.  If someone tries to tell you you’re doing something wrong, then evaluate who is telling you that, what their motives are, and then decide whether or not their words carry any weight.  I’m not suggesting you should completely disregard the opinions of those around you because, at the end of the day, you have to consider the people in your life when you make your own decisions, but I am suggesting you shouldn’t sacrifice your life and your happiness for those who make you feel less happy.  It is your life and they are your decisions, so you should choose to make yourself happy by taking the right actions.  It’s not fair for you to jeopardize your happiness for a person whose opinion essentially doesn’t matter.  If you know your reasons are valid, then why stop doing it and stop being happy?

Now, if you are one of those who slow down the progress of another person’s happiness, it’s probably because you yourself are not happy.  You probably aren’t giving yourself the proper attention you need to be happy and that’s not fair to yourself or those around you.  Take some time to find your own happiness, so that you’re not negatively affecting yourself and the people in your life.  Figure out what you enjoy, what you want, and what makes you happy.  Rather than holding back the people around you, let them go and push yourself forward in the process.  You should never make another person feel guilty for doing what they enjoy just as no one should do that to you.  Happiness is meant to be pleasant and positive, so no one’s happiness should ever become a feeling of guilt.

Tupac Taught Me to Change the World



“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

–Tupac Shakur


I’ve found that creating a meaningful life is one of the most important goals to strive for during your years, but how do we go about doing this?  You do it by contributing something positive to the world.  If you add something to the world that leads to progress, positivity, and enlightenment, then you’ve done your part.  We, personally, have goals for ourselves.  We want to be writers, artists, successful, happy.  And we will be as long as our goal contributes to the well-being of everyone else.

Five years ago, I assure you that I had no idea of this notion.  I didn’t know what having a meaningful life meant and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  Back then, I had never given any thought to bringing the world more positive energy.  I wasn’t a horrible person and I don’t think I didn’t consider this idea because I didn’t want to, but because I thought that the world was too big of a concept for me to understand.  How could my actions influence the world?  What difference could I make?

But then Tupac spoke.  He enlightened me, allowing me to understand that the seemingly small ripples a person makes throughout their lifetime will grow with the years, leaving an impression throughout the entire body of water.

You may not always see who you positively affect.  You may never experience the results of the positive vibes you created so long ago, but trust that they are doing their work.  You have to understand that change is happening and it is accelerating so fast that one day your ripples will be the ones who molded tomorrow’s leaders.  You may never understand this.  You may never be able to grasp the idea that what you do matters, but it does.  You may never be able to wrap your head around the concept that you helped change the world, but it’s true.

Even if you never see it, you’ll feel it as soon as you send that positivity into the world.  You’ll know that you matter and you’ll know that you’ve done your part.  From that point on, the experience of feeling your effect will make you crave for it more and more until your life is filled with meaning and those around you have been given meaning.  Trust that the spark will happen and that you will help change the world.