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Real. Raw. Unconditional.


I want a love so wild
that we spend the day
doing nothing
but running from the world.
no plans,
just us,
And I’ll forever remember it.
It’ll be one of the best days of my life.
I want a love so deep
that you know
every line and curve
on my body
and I can’t hide
an inch of my soul.
That every nook and cranny
in my mind
has already
been discovered by you.
Your mark runs through my veins
and it’s your breath
that fills my lungs.
I want a love so pure
that your smile
brightens my day
and my simple touch
makes yours.
Where we both wonder
what the other is doing
and a day without you
is a day too long.
It is your laugh and whisper
that I want to hear.
I want a love so strong
that I think without speaking,
speak without thinking,
feel without knowing,
and know without feeling,
but it all is so right.
That one look
can tell a whole story
and one kiss
can join two hearts.
I want a love so real
that I don’t feel embarrassed
to call you my love.
I’m just being honest
when I say that’s what you are.
Where I can be giddy and gush
where I still blush and get butterfly’s
where you still sweep me off my feet.
I want real, raw, unconditional love.
I want to be in love
and to be loved.
I’ve never experienced it.
I’ve never touched it.
I want to see what it looks like,
But, mostly,
I want to know what it feels like.


The Truth Will Set You Free


The fact of the matter is that a person can’t get mad at you for being honest. You’re telling the truth and you simply cannot fight with that; however, there are plenty of people who ignore this and still get mad when faced with reality. Unfortunately, there are too many people in the world who would much rather hear something that benefits them or just sounds pretty than the truth. I’ll admit that I have my moments where the facts are the last thing I want to look at. Sometimes I would much rather focus on my own speculation, opinions, and assumptions than see what is actually going on. But I do have an uninterrupted respect for honesty. I will always appreciate the truth and acknowledge its value at some point or another. Personally, I try to stick to being real. I don’t believe in being fake (although sometimes politics do come into play) because I believe that the reality of a situation will always outlive even the best of lies.

The truth will set you free because the truth always comes out. A lie is not soundproof and neither is a front, so sooner or later a crack will start to open up and the foundation of the lies begin to fall apart. It always happens. With honesty, there is no room for debate. The truth is black and white and no one can argue with it. If someone asks you how you feel and you’re honest about it, then they can’t be upset with you because they got exactly what they asked for. Anything else would’ve only wasted everyone’s time until the cracks began to show. With the truth, technically speaking, you’ll be free of arguing, hard feelings, and complications. The reality of the situation though is that people generally don’t know how to handle the truth, so it becomes emotional, misconstrued, and a reason for attack. You’ll probably end up in more ridiculous heated discussions than if you were to sugar coat your words, but you’ll probably end up being justified more often as well. Despite the couple of people you’ll rub the wrong way, I am a firm believer that being real is better than waiting for your facade to crack and show your true colors.

Is Real Rap Back?


A couple of days ago, the public got word of Big Sean’s latest track “Control” from his sophomore album Hall of Fame; however, it’s Kendrick Lamar’s verse that is causing an utter uproar among all hip-hopheads.  Many people are perceiving Kendrick’s lyrics as a diss track to his fellow MC’s, but my honest opinion is that he is simply being real.  It’s been a while since the rappers of this new generation have been professionally threatened, allowing them to get by on commercializing their rhymes rather than producing genuinely impressive lyricism.  Thus, I would call Kendrick’s words a call to action before I call it a diss track.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few rappers who do display their talent properly, while there are even more who could do so but choose not to and that’s the problem.  Rappers are getting too comfortable.

Since the verse was heard around the world, social networking sites have become billionaires with everyone’s two cents (yes, I made my own donation, as well) and even a few “responses” are beginning to make their way into the viral world.  So far, I must admit that I’m most impressed with Bad Boy’s King Los, a rapper I had never even heard of, who delivers a classy rebuttal to Kendrick’s infamous lines.  He says his piece, proves his point, and still manages to respect his colleagues all at the same time.  In my opinion, he directly reflects Kendrick’s own tone on Big Sean’s track.  With that being said, my favorite response comes from none other than Joel Ortiz, who, despite his clear rage, is able to deliver a top notch set of bars in record time.  Yeah, Ortiz sounds mad, but I guess he had to be inspired by something.  I think Joel did what he needed to do to win round one of this debate by including egotism, passion, and references to the original source of Kendrick’s verse.  Point to Ortiz.

However, like most of the hip hop world, I am definitely looking forward to the responses of some big names in the rap industry.  It is way too early for Joel Ortiz to be the biggest name with a response to Kendrick.  But I’m not interested because I want to see music artists antagonizing or belittling each other.  I don’t see this revival of lyrics as an excuse to bash one another over a beat, but I think it should be taken more as an opportunity to prove why they deserve to be a player in the game.  I’m interested to see how far these rappers can push their creativity and vocabulary to the point where their intelligence and innovative instincts are what make them get noticed.  Kendrick wasn’t trying to diss anybody.  He was trying to keep people on their toes.  He clearly states that he has love for the rappers he calls out, but that he’s also trying to beat them.  The music industry is a competition and Kendrick singled himself out as a lyricist who wants to compete.  Now, it’s up to others to defend their place as competitors as well, but what Kendrick did is remind the world that the competition is based on talent and not commercialism, at least the competition of rap.  He may have gotten a lot of people mad, but he also may have taken lyricism out of retirement.



I’m the trillest, for real

and I’m sorry if you can’t handle it.

I have to keep it one hundred

and I have to help others do the same.

If you can’t appreciate it,

then you don’t have for stay,

but, trust me,

being real is priceless.

Embrace it

and your life will be changed.

Just chill out for a minute

and just listen to the trillest.



TrillestThe one thing I recommend for you all to do with your fashion is to make a statement.  Don’t be scared to have your clothes say what you’re thinking… or help define who you are.  As long as you’re the one determining what message is being sent, let your attire talk all it wants.  I’ve always believed that your style says a lot about who you are as a person.  Are you professional?  High maintenance?  Laid back?  Abrasive?  Caring?  Your clothes can speak loudly and clearly, so it’s best that you narrow down what you want to say.  Some messages are more abstract than others and they require some deeper analysis, but then there are those pieces in your closet that get right to the point.  I know I have a few tops that read “LOVE” or “New York” and even a hoodie that has “Triumph” written in all caps, which you could say clearly relays a few things about my own personality.

Most recently, I bought this snapback that can be seen in A$AP Rocky’s “F*ckin Problem” video and it simply reads “TRILLEST,” which I am simply obsessed with.  For those of you that don’t know, trill is a Southern slang word for “real.”  If you’re trill, you’re honest and straight forward, so to be the trillest means that your whole character is based on being real, which I value highly.  Not only does this hat show my value of an honest person, but it speaks to my urban roots and the culture I’m surrounded by.  If you don’t use the word trill, then you probably won’t rock this hat, but I’m sure you can find other pieces that can help you say what you want.  You don’t have to wear this snapback, if it’s not your style, but pick something out that makes a statement about who you are and own it.