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“Dirty Diana” SYTYCD Performance


A couple of weeks ago, So You Think You Can Dance aired a special episode in honor of Michael Jackson’s latest video where all of the contestants performed dances to the King of Pop’s songs.  In honor of what would’ve been his 56th birthday, I’d like to share with you all my favorite performance from that night, which was actually done to one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs ever, “Dirty Diana.”  Enjoy!


Determination Can Be Unstoppable


So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 is just getting started and I’m already feeling inspired.  Caleb Brauner auditioned last season accompanied by his father, but he didn’t make it too far in the competition, so he auditioned again this year.  First, he went to New Orleans where the judges learned that Caleb’s dad had passed away.  Caleb made it to choreography, but just didn’t make to cut.  You would expect that to be the end of his story, but instead Caleb tried again and went to the Chicago auditions.  He again made it to choreography, but, this time, he made it through to the next round and got his ticket to Los Angeles.  It’s just another example of how far determination can get you.

Tears of an Angel


Being the lover of dance that I am, I have definitely been keeping up with the latest season of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Unlike last season, I haven’t been posting my favorites from each night because I felt like I wanted to only post the dances that left me wanting more, left me thinking, and left me in love with the routine.  Last week’s group dance to “Tears of an Angel” choreographed by Bonnie Story did just that.  The concept behind the dance is a powerful one about bullying and I think the dancers themselves did their part in doing the choreography and the song justice by putting their souls into the dance.  I honestly just loved this dance and I had to share it with you all.  Enjoy.

Congratulations to America’s Favorite Dancers!


It’s been a long journey to this point, but the So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 finale has finally come and America’s two favorite dancers have been crowned.  Before the winners were announced, the SYTYCD graced us with our favorite routines from the season and some new ones to add to our list of favorites (How about Sonya and Christopher Scott’s routine?  Or NappyTab’s hip-hop Lion King?  Only on SYTYCD, right?); however, the only thing we really cared about was America’s vote.  So who won it all?  For the ladies, Eliana took the title, while for the guys… drumroll please… Chehon won that spot!

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the final results of this season.  I was so happy and moved that watching the winners be announced literally brought tears to my eyes.  As a dancer myself, I know how difficult it is to not only master your own craft, but also attempt to master the work of others in front of an endless audience.  A lifetime of dancing, training, and hard work is what led up to that one night of becoming America’s Favorite Dancer and that is a true dream come true.  On top of knowing what a dancer endures, I know the beauty and importance of ballet.  Nowadays, contemporary and jazz steal the dance spotlight, but no dancer should ever forget their ballet roots.  I have always been a fan of ballet and I must say that it is so rewarding to see, not one, but TWO ballet dancers win the title of America’s Favorite Dancers.  It’s something that I was worried would never happen, but it truly warms my heart to see it actually unfold.

This season will definitely go down in SYTYCD history.  As usual, SYTYCD delivered memorable, emotional, and game changing performances.  The cherry on top was having Eliana and Chehon get the votes they deserved.

It’s Their Last Chance


Tomorrow night SYTYCD’s final four contestants will dance for America’s vote one last time.  Last week, they gave it their all with a solo and two duets.  For the most part, all of the dancers aced their solos and at least one of their duets.  Honestly, even the two eliminated dancers, Cole and Whitney, worked their talent in their routines.  Overall, I think that Eliana, Cyrus, and Chehon stood out the most for me.

Tiffany is a beautiful dancer and she is so likeable, but I still think that Eliana has the edge for the girls.  She has consistently been an excellent performer throughout the whole competition and there are hardly any routines that she hasn’t been able to master.  Yes, her hip-hop last week wasn’t to die for, but, if you’re given a weak routine, you can’t show your full potential.  I think that her Mia Michaels piece with Cole definitely redeemed whatever points she may have lost with her hip-hop.

As for the boys, I still don’t know how America is going to vote.  If they go strictly off of character, then Cyrus wins it for the boys.  He is absolutely adorable with such a positive spirit and a passion for dance like no other.  Cyrus hasn’t put out the strongest performances, but the fact that he has never experienced being in the bottom says a lot.  Plus, there is no denying how amazing he was in his hip-hop number with Comfort.  However, fans might want to go the traditional route and vote for a great technical dancer, giving Chehon the win.  Sure, latin ballroom is not his forte, but his Tyce Diorio routine with Kathryn speaks wonders about this boy’s talent and potential.  Not everybody can make an entire audience and panel of judges cry like he did.  I would like to say that Chehon will win, but I just don’t know because of how strong Cyrus’ fan base has been throughout the season.

Either way, I have definitely enjoyed the performances that season 9 has cranked out.  I honestly cannot wait to see who wins it for the girls and the guys.

It’s Getting Down to the Wire!


In all my years of watching So You Think You Can Dance, I’ve never felt disappointed in an episode.  There’s always at least one routine that pulls out a win and last week was no different.  I actually thought that the top 8 delivered some great performances between their solos and duets.

To start off, I was very impressed with both of Cole’s performances.  His solo was epic and elegant in its own way, expressing his own dance personality, which is necessary for becoming a great dancer.  His duet with Allison was absolutely amazing.  Not only was the technique and choreography insane, but the character be brought to life will definitely make this piece one to remember for seasons to come.  Cole and Sonya are surely a match made in heaven.  I swear she must feel like she can create anything with him as her dancer.  This special connection to Sonya is what really makes Cole remind me of Season 4’s Mark, in my opinion, one of the most memorable SYTYCD contestants.  They both are quirky and dark, letting themselves be consumed by the role they’ve been given, but also manage to have great technique.  It’s certainly not something every dancer has.

Chehon also impressed me with two performances of the night.  Both his solo and duet were completely enchanting.  While he was dancing, I couldn’t look away from my TV screen, even if I wanted to.  His ballet piece was subtle, yet so powerful that you could feel his emotion.  Nigel said his solos take our breath away and I hadn’t noticed it before, but it’s so true.  After his solos, I always find myself waking up from a little dream and I just want to see him dance some more.  Then, Chehon goes on to deliver that unforgettable tango.  He made it look so easy and natural, but it was mesmerizing, too.  That is everything you want to see in a great performance.  The day you can make an extremely difficult routine look easy is the day you are a great dancer.  Plus, I’ve noticed that Chehon has been embracing his characters and hasn’t held back on showing his charisma, which is only helping him in the competition.  He was great when he auditioned at the start of the season and now he has only gotten better.

The last dancer who killed their routines, as usual, was Eliana.  Her solo… I mean come on!  The girl is flawless at what she does.  Eliana is hands down the prima ballerina and her solo only proved that even more.  On top of that, her quick step was just adorable.  It was fun and entertaining, but, most importantly, it was executed well.  Seriously, what can’t she do?  There’s not much to say except that Eliana is definitely the beast of Season 9.

As for my predictions, there is no doubt in my mind that Eliana is taking the title of America’s Favorite Female Dancer.  She’s got the personality and the talent for it.  Plus, I would genuinely love to see a ballerina win it all.  You just have to respect the art of ballet, if you’re a dancer.  In the case of the boys, it’s more of a toss-up.  If America keeps voting the way they have been, Cyrus wins, but, if America decides to vote on technique and versatility, I think Chehon gets the edge.  Between the boys, I’m honestly torn as to who I would like to see win.  Cyrus is amazing at what he does, his story is inspiring, and he definitely has the heart.  However, you can’t deny Chehon’s sheer talent and passion for dance either.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for the finale in two weeks.

Bang Bang Perfection!


Last week on So You Think You Can Dance, the all-stars were released into the mix and the level of dancing expected was raised that much higher.  For some, I thought the routines were good and, in other cases, I thought they were better.  Chehon’s hip hop with Lauren was far from perfect, but it was definitely a step up for the ballet dancer.  His contemporary pieces have gained my attention and he has slowly been showing his personality to the audience, but this routine is where Chehon showed his most.  He loosened up and gave some character, which was very nice to see.  I’m honestly looking forward to what he brings this week.  Cyrus was another who didn’t deliver perfection, but definitely pulled off his dance.  The animator was given contemporary for the first time and, although he’s no Travis Wall, he gave his all and he did his best.  There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he loves to dance and is willing to learn, but now it’s just a matter of if he can continue to keep his passion alive.  On the other hand, Eliana was the sole competitor that, in my eyes, gave SYTYCD fans everywhere perfection.  Being paired with Alex, one of my favorites, and dancing a Stacey Tookey routine, there was a lot she had to live up to, but Eliana, without a doubt, nailed it.  From the music, to the lights, to the costume, the dance was beautiful, but those were only the nice details added on to Eliana and Alex’s flawless dancing.  Hands down, Eliana was my favorite of the night.