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When the stars align,

there won’t be a flashing sign,

but it will truly be one of a kind.

You’ll know it in your heart and mind

that everything will be perfectly fine.

Relax and recline.

Everything happens at exactly the right time.





SummertimeSummer is officially here and, because it’s my favorite season of the year, I couldn’t be more excited.  I always view summertime as a time of freedom, youth, and fun, so I definitely try to take advantage of the spontaneity of the season and I encourage you all to do the same.  Take advantage of the sunny summer days, the warm summer nights, and the flexible summer schedules.  Go to the beach.  Go to an amusement park.  Go for a walk.  Go for an adventure.  Do whatever you want, but just make sure to enjoy the nice weather and the freedom that summer brings.  I’m definitely excited for my summer plans and the memories that will come from random moments with the people I love.  The fact that I just graduated and will be turning 21 soon makes this summertime even sweeter for me.  I can’t wait for the unforgettable memories and the nice tan I’ll be gaining this year.  I wish you all the best during what I think is the best time of the year and I hope you all enjoy whatever the next three months have in store for you.  Happy Summertime!

Take Your Time



Patience is a virtue.

By rushing you,

I’m only thinking of myself.

My selfish ways

will get the best of me

and I’ll only ruin

what you’re becoming.

How rude of me!

How wrong of me

to be so demanding!

Perfection takes time.

It takes practice.

I shouldn’t bite the fruit

before it’s ripe.

I shouldn’t pout,

if you’re not ready.

It’s best to wait

till the time is right.


I am flawed.

I know it,

so I should make use of my time.

I should create my best version.

I should prepare for your arrival.

I’ll work on it,

I promise,

as you are doing with yourself.

I’ll be kind and understanding.

I’ll love and try to be wise,

but, most of all,

I’ll do my best to be patient.


Time Bomb



You’re a ticking time bomb

that detonates at random.

Tick. Tick. Boom.

I feel sorry for the unfortunate soul

that sets you off with the slightest move.

You are merciless and unforgiving.

You are relentless in your ways.

When you explode,

no innocent or rational mind

stands a chance.

Your shots are menacing.

Your sight is just threatening.

And, after the smoke clears,

our wounds are being licked,

while you remain unharmed,

ticking away.


If I Could Turn Back Time



If time could be reversed

and I could avoid my present past,

I would still run toward it

like I know I’ve done before.

What would changing my actions do?

What could have been salvaged?

What could have been improved?

Without my past,

my today would not be what it is,

so it’s better to embrace it

and love it for what it’s done.

I’d rather appreciate

the many positives it gave

than hate

the specific negatives it worked to create.

Why think about the should’ves and the could’ves,

when I can focus on what I have and know?

If I had the option,

there’s no doubt I’d run toward it

like I know I’ve done before.


Tick Tock



Time is of the essence,

so never let it go to waste.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

The clock keeps going

as you sit doing nothing

watching the hand keep moving.

Don’t let it tick once more,

while you remain unchanged

because the second that just passed you by

will never be back again.


you can wait until tomorrow,

but tomorrow will always be tomorrow

and it will never be today.

So, if you let the ticks keep tocking

and wait for tomorrow to come around,

then you’ll remain unchanged forever,

at least until the batteries die

or the sun stops rising.


Time is of the essence,

so never let it go to waste.

Why wait until unmoving darkness

to do what was meant to be seen?

Why put your goals away

in a day that can only be reached in dreams?

What you want and must do is untouchable,

but only because you made it that way.

With each tick,

you lose another moment.

With eack tock,

you waste another chance.

By waiting until tomorrow,

you’re allowing yourself to fail.


Patience: Sometimes a Curse, But Mostly a Blessing


When you’re little, you have to wait to speak.  You have to wait to have your favorite treat.  When you get older, you have to wait in line.  You have to wait at the doctor’s office.  You have to wait for everything and it is one of the most annoying things that a person will ever have to endure.  No, it’s not the worst thing.  It’s not torturous or painful, but it is absolutely, unequivocally annoying.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked or told to be patient and, too many times, it has felt horrible; however, it is something that I have been trying to understand and I think I’m getting close to a place where moments of patience are appreciated and not dreaded.

Generally speaking, I would classify myself as a patient person.  I wait in line and, when someone is taking too long, I don’t complain about it.  I usually just accept the slow pace that the world seems to take on at random moments of the day.  I guess I accept it because, more often than not, people’s lives seem to be running at too quick a pace.  Most people are so preoccupied with being fast that nothing worthwhile actually gets taken in.  So, in a way, me being patient is my way of embracing the natural speed of life.  If people are running around 23 hours of the day, one hour when you’re asked (or in some cases forced) to be patient shouldn’t kill you.

However, with that being said, I must admit that there are many times that I find it absolutely unbearable to be patient.  Yes, I’m patient, but that’s because I have no other choice.  It’s either wait or leave and not get anything done.  Sometimes I think that time is so valuable that I can’t “waste” it by waiting for something to get accomplished, but, as much as I complain about having to be patient, I’ll still show patience and I have to recognize the importance of it.

As I mentioned earlier, patience teaches you to actually take in what’s around you.  Think about it.  If you’re speeding down the highway, the trees to your sides look like a blur.  If you slow down to see Christmas lights in your neighborhood, you can pretty much see every individual light bulb used.  By taking a moment to pause, you can see how nice of a day it is, how cute that baby is, or how good your day has been.  You having to sit in traffic for a few minutes shouldn’t cancel out how well everything else is going for you, so don’t let it.

Plus, you have to remember that having patience for the little things, like your coffee or a good parking spot, is only preparing you to have patience for the important parts of your life.  Everything has a given moment of when it should happen and how.  Sometimes you have to be patient and you can’t force something to happen, if it’s not ready to do so.  By being patient in life, you’re allowing the best of those moments to mature and when they come into existence, you’ll only be experiencing the best part of it.  You have to be willing to wait for the career opportunity of your dreams, while preparing yourself and working in the meantime.  You have to be willing to wait for your soul mate, while making yourself better every day.  You have to be willing to wait for the life you want, while enjoying what you have right now.

Being patient is about waiting for the right time to do things and not rushing what you’re experiencing at the moment.  You may not feel like your life has currently reached its peak, but you still have to be able to appreciate the great things that your life is giving you and teaching you in the present.  Patience is about knowing that better lies ahead, but accepting that there is still good now.  However, patience also entails a call to action from you.  Most people see patience as a state of stagnation, but it is more about your personal growth and your acceptance of what you have to move forward, rather than immobility and an inability to progress.

By being patient, you get to take in the present, learning from it and developing as a person from what you experience.  The patience that you demonstrate by waiting for the timing that you can’t control can be channeled into opportunities for you to work on yourself as a person.  The time you are asked to be patient can be used to work on creating positive energy, intellectual growth, and developing an understanding for what you need as a person.  If you use this extra time to make yourself better, you won’t have to wait any longer for anything.  You’ll be ready for whatever opportunities lie ahead and you’ll be sure of what to do with those special moments coming your way.