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Pa’ Tras Ni Pa’ Coger Impulso


In Puerto Rico, we have a saying that says “pa’ tras ni pa’ coger impulso,” which roughly translates to “don’t go back, not even for momentum.”  This is a saying often used when someone is going though a hard time in their life and they need some motivation to push through their troubles.  It literally refers to the idea that when a person is preparing for a long jump they have a tendency to take a few steps back so you can gain momentum to make the leap.  However, the saying advises you to simply jump and to not take any steps back.

In life, you should never stop and you should never move backwards, but you should always keep moving forward.  Once you stop progressing forward, you slow yourself down and it will be even harder for you to continue moving in life.  Imagine how hard it would be if you took a few steps back on top of all that.  You would have to at least make it back to where you started and then some to make the lost time worth it.  When you’re living your life, you always want to look ahead.  The past is the past.  You’ve been there done that and going back  won’t get you anywhere new.  Simply put, the saying says that if you take those few steps back, you’re not helping yourself out.  You are only digging yourself deeper and making it harder to progress, instead just push forward no matter what.  So, when you’re looking for the will to keep moving, just think to yourself that all you need to do is jump.  If you’ve been gaining momentum this whole time, then you should have no worries.  Just never ever take those few steps back amidst all of the progress you’ve already made.