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2014 ESPYS Must See (Part 1)


The 2014 ESPY Awards were last week and, although there were many great moments including Drake’s hilarious skits, I wanted to highlight two of my favorite moments.  They are emotional, inspirational, and motivational, which is why I wanted to make sure all of you got a chance to see them.  The first of my must see moments is Stuart Scott’s acceptance of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.  I’ll be posting my second favorite moment tomorrow.


Hey Mama- Kanye West


Kanye West is seen by many as egotistical, snobby, and abrasive, but I still consider him to be one of my all time favorite rappers.  Personally, I think Kanye West does love himself and does prefer the finer things in life, but is that really a bad thing?  Nowadays, with how low people’s self-esteems are, self-love is a concept that the public is trying to encourage.  So why shame Kanye for loving and accepting who he is?  As for living luxuriously, if you grew up having less than everyone else and were given the opportunity to live very comfortably, wouldn’t you do just that?  Kanye West, in my opinion, is a great role model.  He is ambitious, talented, hard working, and real.  He is comfortable enough with who he is and what he projects to the world that he hasn’t let the “haters” stop him from being successful.  If you really took the time to listen to Kanye’s lyrics, you would realize the deep words that he’s actually saying.  His lyrics might sound egocentric, but songs are meant to be listened to and sung along with, so when Kanye says something like “Who’s goin stop me now?” his entire audience is asking the same question.  Now, Kanye is by no means perfect, but point out a person who is.  I’m still going to listen to Kanye and appreciate the music that he makes.

And, to celebrate his birthday yesterday, here is a look at Kanye’s 2008 performance of “Hey Mama” at the Grammys, which took place just after his mother.  This is definitely one of his most overtly vulnerable songs and, in my opinion, a clearer look into his mindset.  Enjoy!

Determination Can Be Unstoppable


So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 is just getting started and I’m already feeling inspired.  Caleb Brauner auditioned last season accompanied by his father, but he didn’t make it too far in the competition, so he auditioned again this year.  First, he went to New Orleans where the judges learned that Caleb’s dad had passed away.  Caleb made it to choreography, but just didn’t make to cut.  You would expect that to be the end of his story, but instead Caleb tried again and went to the Chicago auditions.  He again made it to choreography, but, this time, he made it through to the next round and got his ticket to Los Angeles.  It’s just another example of how far determination can get you.

MJ is Back for a Day


The lengths that technology has gotten to these days is incredible.  When Coachella brought Tupac back for a day, it was historic and now the Billboard Music Awards brought back the King of Pop to perform “Slave to the Rhythm.”  As a Michael Jackson fan, it saddens me to know that he’s gone, but it’s things like his music and technology that will allow his legacy to live on forever.  Regardless of how other Michael fans feel about, I love it!  Much respect to none other than Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.