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Hear What You Want


What I Want



I want a boy who can make me laugh,

a boy who can read my mind

and make me feel better with one look.

I want a boy who I can cuddle with,

a boy I can talk to whenever

and who I know will never leave my side.

I want a boy who I can learn from,

a boy who want to and will take care of me,

but will also let me pursue my own ambitions.

I want a boy I can trust,

a boy I can love

and grow old with.

I want a boy who will love me,

a boy who is mine

and I am his.

This is everything that I want in a boy,

but the funny thing is,

with everything that’s been said,

it’s not a boy I’m describing.

It’s a man that I want.


What You Are



I love what you represent.

I respect your message.

I’ll admit,


I follow in your steps.

Thank you

for bringing me your heart.

Thank you

for letting me listen to your soul.

I appreciate you

for showing you’re just like me.

I am you

and we are one.

Your essence is admirable.

I admire you for being you.


What’s Our Name?


Ravens Nation

The whole day was filled with the sounds of the Seven Nation Army chant mixed with the cheering for the new world champions of the NFL.  You could hear Ed Reed singing two tickets to paradise and John Harbaugh asking “what’s our name” to which a crowd of 100,000 plus people yelled in reply “Ravens.”  All you could see, were smiles on the faces of the Superbowl champions and a sea of purple around them.  It was a day where Baltimore came together to celebrate a long-awaited victory.  It was a day of love, joy, pride, and comradery.  This day showed the mutual love and loyalty that the Ravens football team and the city of Baltimore have for each other.  It was certainly a celebration like none other and I am so glad I got to see it in person.  Sitting next to my mom and completely surrounded by my fellow Ravens fans, I was able to enjoy and soak in the pure feelings of joy and pride for my team and my city.  Throughout the past ten plus years of living in the DMV, I never thought I would ever experience such an incredible moment, but I did.  It was truly a beautiful experience and it is something I will never forget.  I’ve always claimed Baltimore in the DMV and I’ve never been more proud to claim it than now.  To see so many people celebrating the same thing in one place with no incidents or problems is amazing and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.  It was awesome to just be surrounded by Ravens in Ravens Nation!

What’s the Answer?



Sometimes I think about so much.

More than my mind can process.

I hate it.

The time spent on thorough analysis,

hypothetical situations, and wonder.

Sometimes I think so much,

but have no answers,

no conclusions.

Those are the worst.

I wish I could stop

because I hate it so much,

but then I remember the cure.

Instead of sitting and thinking,

get up and go.

Do something.

Whatever satisfies your urge.

Maybe then

will you reach a real conclusion.