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Don’t Just Speak It, Do It!


Have you ever heard of the phrase “speak it into existence”?  I’m sure you have.  Basically, it’s a concept stating your words have the power to take something you say and manifest into a more tangible way in either a negative or positive way.  For example, if you say “I hope I don’t fail this test,” you’re already putting the possibility of failing the test into the air, making it more probable that you’ll fail the test.  At the same time, by saying “I will be successful,” that positive energy can help you be successful.  Honestly, I believe in this theory.  I do think that the words you say release different types of energies that can help or hinder your future.  That’s why I always try to stay as positive as possible.  I wasn’t always this way, but, as years have passed and as I’ve matured, I’ve learned that a little bit of optimism can go a long way.  I guess you can say I’ve become one of those people who always look at the bright side or is able to find a positive within any negative.  However, I also believe that a person needs to commit to more than just their words if they ever want to reach their goals.

Staying positive is the first step to achieving what you’re working for, but “working” is the other key point of getting things done in your life.  You have to put in your end of the work and carry your weight, so that the universe can do its job and feed off of your positive energy.  Think about it.  If you need to study for a final and you simply think to yourself how well you’re going to do on the exam, but you don’t actually do any studying, then how well can you really expect to do on that test?  My guess is you won’t do too hot, but it’s only because you didn’t hold up you’re end of the bargain.  If you believe that you’ll do well and you actually study as hard as you’re supposed to, then you’ll have no negative thoughts holding you back, while you have everything you need to know in your head already.  It’s as simple as that.

Thank God for an early graduation that I don’t have to worry about positive thoughts to get me through finals week anymore, but I do still hang on to my optimism to help get me further in life.  I have my own goals that I want to achieve and that I know I will achieve in due time.  I will say that from prior experience, life seems to have perfect timing.  Everything that I’ve worked for, up to this point, has never come too early or later than I needed it to, so I know that there are some good things in the works for me.  I just need to maintain a positive mindset to give the vibes around me something to work with, while grinding on my own and getting some dirty work done.  How else can I expect to ever accomplish my goals?  Besides, if you don’t have positive thoughts about yourself, then how could you expect others to believe you have what it takes to succeed?  Go ahead and say that you’ll accomplish all of your goals and realize your dreams, while you’re actually doing what you need to in order to get those things done.  People will have no choice to believe you when they see you’re actually doing what you said you would.


The Blazer!


20131030-005651.jpgThis October my job has been busy with meetings regarding the start of the school year and upcoming projects, while there were also plenty of events filling up my schedule related to everything from Hispanic Heritage Month all the way to launch parties.  However, I must say transitioning from day to night and keeping something light but warm on hand was made so much easier thanks to the all purpose blazer, making it my staple item of the month.  The blazer is a fast way to turn your average outfit into a stylish, but still professional look.  You can wear it to an interview, a meeting, a simple day at the office, lunch, happy hour, girls night, and the list goes on.  I first started wearing blazers in middle school, but I must say that college and on is the time where my blazer game has been stepped up.

I have a simple black blazer with pink lining that can be a traditional looking blazer if need be, but can easily be stylized by rolling up the sleeves to expose the bright pink detailing.  I also have a black and white striped blazer that is perfect for adding a little something special to your look.  However, the neutral black and white colors keep it from being too crazy.  Then, there is my red and navy striped blazer, which adds the perfect amount of pattern and bold color to any look.  This is definitely the one I’ve been sporting the most.  I’ve recently paired it with jeans and a black tee, leather leggings and a crop top, and, of course, a blue maxi dress.

If you’re new to blazers, keep in mind that every girl needs at least two clutch pieces in her closet.  A neutral, safe choice that goes with anything.  You can’t go wrong with black or white.  But she also needs a bolder blazer that lets her have more fun.  Pick a bold color like hot pink or go for a print that will pop like stripes or houndstooth.  Also, keep in mind the trends of the season, not straying too far off what’s in, as well as what goes well with your body shape.  Try a few on and see which cut works best for you.  Just have fun with your blazers and be ready to run the world!

Happy (Belated) Labor Day!


Labor Day is one of those days that people aren’t sure of it’s origin, but nobody questions why they have a day off.  I at least know that I never thought too much of this holiday, but I must say it is a good time to measure all of the work that you’ve done throughout the past year.  From what I know, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of American workers.  This day off serves as a sort of reward for people who work on a daily basis, mainly, because that work contributes to our economy and the general benefit of our country, but this day should also be an opportunity to celebrate the work that everyone does, even if it doesn’t directly affect the rest of the nation.

Personally, I try to do something productive everyday.  I work on my writing projects, I help with my brother’s business, or I reach out to my students.  The point is I always try to keep my day from being wasted, even if it means just going to the gym or meditating to work on myself.  I truly believe that the different forms of productivity found within each person is important to society and should be celebrated, so I hope everyone enjoyed their day off from work and classes.  I had a great Labor Day weekend with my closest friends and family, while I know a few other people who made the most out of their long weekend.  I can only imagine the many ways that people took advantage of their day off.

However, I hope everyone truly understands the value of work and productivity.  Knowing how to work and experiencing the journey of working for something is one thing that everybody needs to go through.  Without that, a person is liable to grow up with the inability to be independent, appreciative, and understanding.  Labor Day is meant for those who have worked to finish their education, to maintain a job or career, and to help support others, so they have earned a day of rest.

I look back at my year and I see that I’ve graduated from college and am working two jobs, while nurturing my career.  I look at the people around me to see people who have raised kids while working and going to school, worked their way through college into careers, and have developed successful businesses virtually on their own.  I commend every person who has worked for something or is currently working for something because I know it’s not easy, so I truly hope you had a great Labor Day and remember to always take care of yourself in the process.

Preparation+A Pinch of Luck=Success


People are always trying to obtain success.  For most people, it is their lifelong goal to be successful, but what does reaching success mean?  How can a person be successful?  In recent years, I’ve often heard that success is the result of luck and preparation.  At first, I didn’t quite understand this concept.  I wasn’t sure how much control you had over your success or how likely an individual’s success was.  For a long time, I believed that success was solely dependent on an individual’s own work ethic, talent, and perseverance, but, after testing this theory out for many years, I’ve changed my mind to believe that this isn’t always the case.  I’ve learned that sometimes you need a little bit of good fortune to help push you into success.

When it comes to your own success, what you can control is your own preparation.  If you work hard, are innovative, and have set everything in place, then keep doing what you’re doing.  Sooner or later, your hard work will pay off and you’ll get the success you deserve.  Sooner or later, luck will come into play and you’ll get your “big break.”  Someone will notice all of the work you’ve put into your career during the years leading up to that moment and they’ll give you the missing piece of the puzzle.  Maybe they’ll hire you, maybe they’ll put you in touch with the person who will make your dreams come true, or maybe they’ll just tell you what you’re missing and what you need to do to reach that final stage called success.

However, as fantastic as this idea of luck creating your success may sound, the true key to success is what you put into it.  If you put nothing into your success, you won’t be prepared for the lucky opportunity coming your way and instead of it being an opportunity that will boost you forward, it will simply pass you by and you’ll never even realize it existed.  Your lack of work will make you be invisible to the person who could help you out and you’ll never capture their attention.  Don’t let that happen.  Make your work so good and irresistible that it just can’t be ignored.  That way no opportunity will ever pass you by and you’ll never be unlucky.  Trust me, your hard work will be worth it in the end.

The Balancing Act of Life


One of the most difficult things a person will learn is how to perfectly divide their time in order to balance out their life.  Having good time management is a skill we all reach for, but so easily fail to achieve.  Between family, friends, school, work, and yourself, your days are booked, but how do we keep everything in check?  How can we tell if one part of our life is getting neglected of if another is receiving too much focus?  How do you know if you’re living life the right way?  Honestly, you can never know for sure, but the best way to gauge how well you’re doing on time management is to pay attention to yourself.  Are you happy?  Tired?  Incomplete?  Stressed?  Understand how you feel in order to understand what you need to devote more time to.  If you feel happy and satisfied, then chances are you’re on the right track, but, if you feel like something’s off, then you need to re-evaluate the schedule of your life.

A good place to start is with your social life.  You might feel like you’re not spending enough quality time with friends and family.  If this is the case, devote at least an hour a night for your family.  Maybe, you can have a day of the week when you just catch up and hang out with your friends, but keep in mind that you can’t neglect people.  Take turns between which friends and family you spend time with.  That way you feel more complete and nobody gets left out of your plans.  It’s been proven that time with your friends and family can make you happier, so don’t forget to make time for your loved ones.

Then again, maybe your social life was never the problem.  Maybe, you’re not feeling very productive.  If so, then focus more time on your work.  That may include studying for school, finishing reports for your boss, or maybe just getting around to actually applying for a job.  Either way you need to devote less time to lounging around and partying, but more energy and focus on what is going to secure your future.  Having fun is nice, but the whole point is to divide your time accordingly and to not neglect any part of your life.  Having a good work ethic is important, so make sure to dedicate some time to being productive.  Plus, I’m a firm believer in the idea of working hard now and having fun later.  The sooner you cross those things off of your to do list, the sooner you’ll be able to do whatever you want.

However, the most important thing to remember when managing your time is yourself.  Not only do you need to remember to feed yourself and such, but you also have to leave some “me time” for yourself.  For some, this means a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day, while, for others, it means catching up on their favorite shows.  Me time can even be as simple as practicing your favorite hobby or listening to some music.  It’s hard being you.  Friends want to go out.  Family wants to talk on the phone.  Bosses want work done.  Co-workers want to go to happy hour.  All the while, you’re still one person who needs to breathe and live a life.  So, if you’re feeling stressed, maybe it’s time to go into hibernation for a few hours.  Treat yourself once in a while because it will surely make a difference.

Remember that money is great, but don’t always choose it over lifelong memories with the people you love and vice versa.  Sometimes you need money to have a good time and to help you live a happy life  Give everything its place and don’t lose that balance because, at the end of the day, it’s your sanity you’ll be losing.

A Dead Author’s Work is Not Dead, Too


I’ll admit that I’m not your traditional English major.  I didn’t spend every free minute of my summer inside a 300 page novel, I haven’t memorized any of my favorite poems, so I can’t recite them to you, and I certainly won’t spend however long it takes trying to convince an undecided student that English is the right path for them.  I am a firm believer that you can appreciate literature without being obsessed with it and without secluding yourself from all other forms of art.  I also think that English really isn’t meant for everybody.  Some people just don’t see the beauty in it or they might not get it like others, which is fine with me.  However, I do have more than enough respect for the art of writing, the discourse of literature, and, above all things, the authors of our past who made our writing of today possible, which means that I can’t disregard the hard work that has been put into the discipline since its conception.

The other day, I was in one of my classes and I heard a student complaining to her friend about why she stopped being an English major.  It’s perfectly fair for her to want to study something else, but what really bothered me was when she said that she was tired of only learning about “dead authors” in her English classes.  When I heard this, I couldn’t believe a person could be so ignorant, especially a person who had once thought that they appreciated English literature enough to major in it.  I was so bothered by her statement that I spent the next few minutes mulling over it and I realized just why it was so baffling to me.

First off, English classes are more focused on the form, meaning, and discourse of the work of the author, not the author themselves.  I don’t know what English course she took, or how many for that matter, but she must have not been paying attention to the actual fundamentals of the class.  Of all the English classes I’ve taken (and as a college senior majoring in English Literature, I’ve taken my fair share and then some of English courses), we’ve only discussed the biographical background of an author when it was relevant to the impact of the work itself.  So I can attest to the fact that the courses always led back to the piece of literature.  English literature does not equal the study of dead authors.  It equals the study of English literature, including that of all eras, not just contemporary writers, so I hate to break it to this girl, but, yes, that includes dead authors.  Obviously, the fact that she was so hung up on how these authors she was learning about were dead shows that she did not take away the significant points from her classes.

Second, her statement makes it seem like just because a person is dead, their work is automatically discredited.  Clearly, these “dead authors” did something right for them to still be prominent figures in literature, at least enough to still be talked about even after their death.  I mean seriously… Some of these dead authors that she was so annoyed by are the reason why we have modern literature and the so-called “classics.”  In my opinion, complaining about being educated about “dead authors” is like complaining every time the radio plays the music of Tupac or Michael Jackson.  Their work is still circulated, analyzed, and praised because it was that important and that can’t be taken away just because the author is dead.

I think that instead of disregarding the talent that these authors possessed and ignoring the significance of their work, we should learn to respect them as artists and celebrate the fact that their legacy continues.  Just because someone dies does not mean that their work is irrelevant and worthless.  If people are still talking about it, then it must be worth the time and it’s sad to know that some people don’t realize that.

Happy Labor Day!


Today is the one day out of the year where the government allows us to be homebodies and indulge in our lazy tendencies… at least that’s the case for most of us.  Unfortunately, for some, Labor Day is another day in the retail world for them to try to get some extra cash.  Labor Day sales attract everyone who didn’t fully take advantage of the abundance of back-to-school specials, so now some last-minute shopping is in order.  For those poor retail slaves, labor day means another day of chaos where they spend their Monday watching others enjoy their day off as they restock shelves and ring up impatient customers.  If you look on the bright side, at least there’s a pay-day in their future.  I know plenty of people who still spend their afternoons filling out job applications, which hasn’t gotten any more fun since the years have passed.

On the other hand, there are those who do get to fully appreciate the relaxing qualities of Labor Day.  Those would be the individuals who have the luxury of getting federal holidays off.  I guess, in my case, working with the public school system’s calendar has its perks.  Thanks to that I’ll be spending the day away from the office and far from my college campus.  I see myself playing catch up with my DVR, giving the gym a nice visit, and having a reunion with homework.  Sure, I’ll be giving in to some “labor,” but I’m grateful for the three-day weekend that let me lounge around long enough.  The only downside to this weekend is the fact that we all have to say goodbye to our white shoes and bottoms until Spring 2013… tear.

Either way, I wish all my loves a great day.  Happy Labor Day!